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The initial golf course that is cannabis-themed?

The initial golf course that is cannabis-themed?

a course in Ontario intends to function as the first course that is cannabis-themed Canada. Rolling Greens in Lombard, near Smith’s Falls, enables golfers to savor cannabis while also teeing down regarding the green.

In accordance with Gordon Weiske, manager of activity at Rolling Greens, they have been calling by themselves “Canada’s very very first golf and that is cannabis-themed entertainment location.”

Weiske stated that after cannabis had been legalized within the nation, they looked over how to overcome it. Therefore while everyone else wished to be an authorized producer or Retailer, they thought about looking after the entertainment and tourist market and decided that the cannabis-themed course would make a good concept. They got 164 acres, most likely.

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The program once was called the Lombard Glen Golf and Country Club. But, one or two hours months ago, it had been bought and rebranded. Regardless of the regulations that are strict cannabis across Canada, tennis courses are one of the locations where can nevertheless produce their own rules. This enables Rolling Greens along with other tennis courses to permit golfers to smoke pot on-site when they want.

The principles are that one may enjoy cannabis anywhere smoking it really is allowed, Weiske explained. They may not be changing any such thing, but the majority of golf courses are banning it or are telling guests never to get it done. Relating to him, they will function as the very first people to state, “Come and move with us.” Furthermore, they shall end up being the golf course that is greenest in the united states.

He managed to make it clear, though, they perform by the provincial and federal legislation. He stated that, at this time, their arrangement is BYOB (Bring your very own Bud).

And even though the cannabis theme alone would clearly draw interested crowds, Rolling Greens intends to be more than simply a golf that is cannabis-friendly program.

Weiske stated that they’re going to be like “the Las vegas, nevada of cannabis,” Weiske said. They have been expanding the 164 acres to be able to have an age-gated, 19+ activity park where you will see digital truth games, a mini-putt, and most likely a drive-in movie theatre, too.

He stated they have space to enhance, additionally the course is just one component from it.

More over, the course intends to partner with licensed producers who can sponsor and create a theme because of their hole that is own on program.

Rolling Greens could have their launch that is soft on 20, and individuals should be in a position to strike the program for the time that is first the rebranding. Larger launch events are also planned in the full months to check out.

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